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Watermark Stationers Limited is proud to support Topic of Cancer.


Topic of Cancer was formed as a charity to raise awareness and funds for the essential research into cancer immunotherapy.


Topic of Cancer is a very personal organisation. Unlike many larger charities and fundraisers, their donors and supporters know exactly where every penny is spent. Furthermore, immunotherapy research is so unique, the research centres so few in the UK, donors can become familiar with the names of those actually performing the research.

The UK is considered one of the world’s leaders in this branch of cancer research, even with only a few research centres. Indeed, the centre, located at the University of Surrey, has one of the main immunotherapy research teams with expertise in conducting clinical trials within their dedicated facility.


If you, like us, believe it is important that the UK and its immunotherapy research centres continue to be recognised as world leaders, maintain the pace of their vital research and advance the treatments of cancer, then they need your support.


Please visit to view further details about the charity and ways to donate.