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Free Delivery to Most UK Mainland Addresses on Orders over £ 150 exc. VAT Purchase Orders From Government Depts, Schools and Colleges Welcome. Free Delivery to Most UK Mainland Addresses on Orders over £ 150 exc. VAT Purchase Orders From Government Depts, Schools and Colleges Welcome. Free Delivery to Most UK Mainland Addresses on Orders over £ 150 exc. VAT Purchase Orders From Government Depts, Schools and Colleges Welcome. Free Delivery to Most UK Mainland Addresses on Orders over £ 150 exc. VAT Purchase Orders From Government Depts, Schools and Colleges Welcome.

About Us


At Watermark Stationers Limited we offer clients who buy office products a unique buying experience. Instead of having to trawl through tens and thousands of items on one site, we have created several sites which are carefully curated to cater to specific customer needs. We only work with brands and products that we ourselves would be happy using. Product quality and customer service are important parts of our business and we would only work with brands that have the same principles.

durable-shop.co.uk offers our clients full access to a variety of stationery and office supplies. We are not an official reseller of Durable branded products. Durable Shop is not in any way associated with the Durable brand, though we offer some of their items on this site. We are confident that all products we sell are of excellent quality and at reasonable prices.

Most items that you will see appear on the site, apart from Durable, will be made in the UK or our sourced from UK only based companies, reducing the carbon footprint and supporting local businesses.


This site is dedicated to all things to do with accounting for businesses. The range of products include Cathedral Analysis Books, Guildhall Headliners, Guildhall Accounts Books, Triplicate Books, Cash Books, Scribe Registers and Forms, Petty Cash Books, Wage Slips and much more.


This site is for all types of literature holders eg. brochure holders, leaflet holders, mobile literature holders, wall literature racks and desktop literature holders. We carry such brands as Safco, Twinco, CEP, Deflecto and Fast Paper.


A vast range of Arnos Hang a Plan products that includes, plan hangers, plan racks, plan trolleys, plan strips, plan chests and plan cabinets Hang a Plan are leaders in the in the production of architectural plan hanging systems and our site boasts the largest variety of options available anywhere in the UK at prices you will find hard to find elsewhere.


is a website dedicated to selling Vistaplan branded products. It the largest distributor website in the dedicated to selling plan hangers, plan racks, plan trolleys, plan chests, plan strips and plan cabinets that are Vistaplan branded. Vistaplan is a based manufacturer of top quality plan storage products and have been in established for over 50 years.


Is dedicated to selling Identidage branded items. Identibadge is a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional visitor management and signing in systems, security badges, holders, lanyards, printed products, reception ware, vehicle / parking accessories and staff ID card products. The range of items that include name badges and security badges have been made to the highest quality and amongst the best available on the market. Most of these name and security badges are reusable and should last for a long time due to the thickness and quality of the item.


As the URL suggests carries a large range of drywipe boards (sometimes known as whiteboards). The range includes brands such as Nobo, Bi-Office, 5 Star, Bic and Q Connect. The range of products includes standard whiteboards, magnetic whiteboards, whiteboard cleaners, whiteboard magnetic, whiteboard planners, whiteboard grid tapes and whiteboard markers. We have just recently added a new range of Justick Notice boards, one of the most innovative ranges of notice boards to hit the market in recent times.


a website that sells a wide range of archival products that includes; archive storage boxes, magazine files, lever arch store, archive storage bags, transfer files to name but a few. The brands we carry include 5 Star archival products, Fellowes R-Kive storage and Q Connect.


sells a wide range of draughting chairs and office seating. The range of seating includes, executive office chairs, operator chairs, kneeling chairs, reception chairs, café (canteen) chairs, stacking chairs and draughter chairs.


a site dedicated to envelopes and paper products. The range includes standard envelopes in C4, C5, C6 and DL sizes as well as other non standard sizes which are available in manilla and white. The site also sells Conqueror and other premium business envelopes and papers in various colours, The other ranges includes Tyvek envelopes, wage envelopes, gusset envelopes, bubble or padded envelopes (including the Jiffy envelopes), board backed envelopes, polythene and DX envelopes. The brands we carry include Conqueror, New Guardian, Jiffy, Plus Fabric, Basildon Bond, Q Connect, 5 Star and Blake Coloured Envelopes.


For nearly 50 years, Safco Products has grown to be a leading manufacturer of 1000’s of organisation and comfort enhancing products for the workplace. Safco Shop is dedicated to selling and promoting Safco branded products which include; suggestion boxes, literature racks, coat racks, coat hangers, coat stands, printer stands, filing trolleys, literature organisers, literature racks, bookcases, lecterns, office bins, letter trays, hospitality trolleys and much more. Visit Safco Shop for the full range of products on offer.


stocks a wide range of suggestion boxes, post boxes and comments boxes. Our range of suggestion boxes include; wooden suggestion boxes, steel suggestion boxes and acrylic suggestion boxes. The brands we carry include Helix, Safco and Rottner. Apart from suggestion boxes we also carry a range of post boxes and suggestion cards.